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Our goal is to be the most effective counsel for you.


Perhaps the most important aspect of our litigation expertise is the experience we have in the specific courts and cities throughout the state. Our lawyers have secured successful verdicts across Texas.  We know the people – both judges and jurors – and we know what works in each area. Equally important, we understand the need to work collectively and cooperatively with other law firms and business partners in order to advance your interest.

We assist clients with everything from health care transactions and entity formations to complex commercial litigation.

As your most effective counsel, we provide a service strategy that is specific to your needs. If you would like to explore the possibility of working with us, please contact us so that we may gain a more detailed understanding of how you would like for us to work with you.

Need Mediation Services?
We are proud of our successes in this area and in our ability to resolve any type of legal dispute. With over 1,000 mediations collectively, and a very high rate of success, we are well qualified to bring your dispute to a successful resolution. Click here to see mediation availability.

Our Commitment To You

Our goal from the inception of every client contact is to make sure that you have all the information you need to make sound business decisions. We can provide any status reports that you require and can arrange informal communication tools, such as quick emails or voicemails, depending upon your preference, to keep you updated on developments in cases. This not only reduces the delay and expense of formal letters or reports, but it keeps you constantly informed of the status in each case.

Managing Costs
As business people, we understand how uncontrolled costs can affect your bottom line. We will carefully review any cost guidelines that you have and will work within your guidelines. If there is a cost control issue that could potentially damage your interests, we will notify you immediately and provide solutions to protect you.

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